Super Student Badges

Please read the list below with your child and start thinking about which ones you might choose. We will brainstorm together in your lessons. You can click on the links below to see examples. All my super students are encouraged to complete at least two projects during the school year. Each project you complete will earn you a Super Student Badge!


  • Learn and perform a duet with another student or family member. Capture it on video.
  • Perfect and memorize a challenging piece. Create a YouTube video of your performance.
  • Teach an easy piano piece to one of your family members or friends. Make a video of them playing.
  • Perform a piece or a duet in a public event (school talent show, birthday party, church, nursing home). Bring a program or make a recording of your performance.
  • Perfect a favorite piece and make a music video.


  • Improvise your own piece at home on the piano.*
  • Make your own arrangement of a piece you like. Write it down and learn to play it well.*
  • Draw a cartoon character in color and compose two motives to represent that character.                                       (a motive is a small musical idea, a measure or two)
  • Create a special introduction and ending to one of your favorite pieces.*
  • Add your own words/lyrics to an instrumental piece.
  • Compose a “Theme and Variations” using one of your favorite melodies. (at least two variations)*
  • Write your own song (music with words/lyrics) on the piano and make a music video of you singing and playing it. You can have fun and add special effects/costumes, etc.
  • Create a slideshow with pictures and record music that you composed, arranged, improvised, or perfected to use as the background. I will help you record your music.
  • Write your own piece (for piano) and be the star in your own music video performing it. You can use costumes, props, etc.

Musicianship Skills

  • Learn one song that you know by ear. Be able to play it accurately and fluently.
  • Transpose a piece you know (from your books) in two different ways.
  • Learn a song that you can sing and accompany yourself at the same time.*
  • Learn and demonstrate a 12 bar blues song.*
  • Perfect and memorize one new challenging piece.*
  • Perfect two method book pieces (at least 16 measures long)
  • Write out the chord progression of a song and then improvise on that chord progression.*

*Make a video to preserve your work. I can help you record.