Students Create Outstanding Original Music | Competition Winners

The Spring Fever Composition Competition was a huge success. Every student in my studio composed at least one piece for the contest. For two or three, this was their very first experience writing music. It was a challenge, but it was worth it.

All the pieces we created were compiled into this music book. The cover art was designed by Sebastian and Sarah. They did a lovely job. Everyone received a copy to take home so they can enjoy playing each others’ music. There are so many intriguing pieces to try: “Shark Attack“, “Falling Snow“, “The Spooky Forest“, “Magical Mistery and more!


Congratulations to all the students on their excellent work!


Four winners were selected by the judge based on the following criteria: form, pitch, rhythm, playability and expressiveness. The prize for winning was creating a music video of their piece and an iTunes gift card. Click on their titles to listen to them play!


Spring Fever Composition Competition Winners

Sarah, (5-6 year olds) “Spring Is Love”                                      David, (7-9 year olds) “The Endless Road”

Avery, (10-13 year olds) “The Desert Path”                              Matthew, (Senior Division) “The Calm Before the Storm”