Performance Workshop: Helping Students Play Their Best

Last Saturday, my students and I traveled to Steinway Hall for our Fall Performance Workshop and played on a beautifully maintained 6′ 11″ Steinway Model B piano. The students were happy to see each other and to meet new friends. It warms my heart when I hear the children say that they can’t wait to see all their piano friends again. Aside from the camaraderie, Performance Workshop is a valuable experience for young pianists.

Having the chance to play a real piano is                                                         a dream come true.


Benefits of Attending Performance Workshop

  • gaining experience playing an acoustic piano
  • playing through their nerves for a small group of peers
  • practicing critical listening and observational skills
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • refreshing their performance etiquette
  • viewing their own recorded performance
  • setting goals


Playing for a small group of peers helps prepare students for a larger audience.

At the workshop each pianist practiced exactly what they will do at the concert: stand tall, take a bow, play their music and finish with another bow. For a few children, Saturday was the very first time they ever played for someone outside of their family. Playing for a small group of peers helps prepare students for a larger audience at our recital.

Students evaluated one another in the areas of technique, stage presence and artistry. In their lessons next week we will watch their videos and read their peers’ comments (and mine too).

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